Monday, June 2, 2008

Tengukai with Taikomochi

Peter belongs to a gourmet group called the "Tengukai" which is a group of Japanese professionals who are all accomplished in the arts or specialists of Japanese culture who enjoy good food and drink. Every month or so they get together, perform their various arts for each other, as well as hire maiko, geiko etc....

On May 31st they invited a "taikomochi" or "hokan" (male geisha) from the Asakusa district in Tokyo to join the festivities. Sakuragawa Shichiko is one of four remaining taikomochi in Tokyo. Here are a few pictures of the group and then evening.

Impersonating a courtesan and name sticker.

Shichiko-san having a laugh with Tengukai members.

Shichiko-san with Peter and Tengukai members.

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