Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Omedetou-san dosu.

On January 6, the "Shin Aisatsu" or New Years Greetings were held in the geisha district of Miyagawa-cho. Peter went to photograph and film the proceedings, as well as say Happy New Year to all the geiko and maiko he works with.

There were many amature photographers and tourists (Japanese and foreign) gathered around to see the event, all hoping to catch a great shot. As most were not customers of the tea houses, they must have been surpised to see the geiko and maiko greet Peter by name along with the other regular Japanese customers!

The video from this event will soon be uploaded on YouTube, and may be included in Peter's upcoming documentary "Real Geisha, Real Women".

Some of the photographs he took are now available to see on Peter's Flickr account.

Happy New Year everyone!

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